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Advance HR in Italy

SHRM Global Forum is a practice already developed by many countries in the world.

SHRM Italy Forum aims to give opportunities for comparison, learning and exchange of information on the main issues and innovations in Human Resources and Organization.

The Forum wants to contribute to the development of the HR profession in Italy through the spread of best practices and international experiences. Meetings, webinars and other initiatives of learning and networking will be organized by the forum members.

The SHRM Italy Forum is newly born and has started to operate as of March 2018.

Leveraging on the available SHRM knowledge and expertise and on and the energy  and  ideas of its  members in Italy we will organize our calendar of initiatives. This will include  featured speaker(s) sessions and webcasts with experts, networking events, company visits, delegations to international SHRM events, business luncheons & breakfasts, hackathons, book discussions and many more.

Each year we will identify specific focus areas. For the coming year we have chosen:

  • Digital Culture and the Future of work
  • Roles & competencies of HR today & tomorrow
  • Organization design & development for future proof corporations
  • Coaching & leadership for managers

Become a SHRM member and start to Join the Forum. The participation at the events is free of charge for SHRM members.

If you want to contribute to co-create and develop  the Forum and become a Volunteer please contact Riccardo Antonelli (

Leveraging on SHRM and on its members internationally we will self organize our calendar of initiatives.

We are looking at the following initiatives:

  • featured speaker(s) sessions
  • webcasts with experts
  • networking events,
  • company visits
  • delegations to international events organized by SHRM or by other institutions
  • business luncheons & breakfasts,
  • hackathons,
  • book discussions
  • and many more.

The calendar of initiatives for 2020 is under development by the Advisory Board of the Forum.

The formal inauguration of the Forum has taken place on March 16 2018 in Rome at the Crown Plaza Hotel, Via Aurelia Antica 415. A panel discussion on “Millennials: How to create a digital culture in our organization” has been the topic of the day.

The initiatives of the Forum are reserved for SHRM members in Italy.

Make a difference and advance HR

If you want to make a difference and take part in the development of the HR profession in Italy become a SHRM Global Forum Italy volunteer.

Based on your available time, interests and competencies you will be involved in the development of the Global Forum Initiatives.

Benefits of becoming a volunteer:

  • Get to know personally leaders
  • Stronger networking opportunities
  • Privileged access to relevant content and learning materials
  • Contribute to the development of the HR profession in Italy
  • Promote & share your ideas and projects to an interested audience



Carmen D’amico – Chiara Bonsignore – Daniele Gunnella – Daniele Caponera – Domenico Sivo – Flavia Vittorini – Giada Susca – Giulia Forcellini – Ilaria Giardino – Larissa Charlotte Raffa – Mariangela Pozzuto – Miriam Mautone – Valentina Vertuccio – Valentina Marini – Zaira La Rana




Our partners bring expertise and insights, from a range of disciplines, which enhance the quality to our work and enable the organization of our initiatives.

Current Partners are:


Advisory Board

The role of the advisory board is to provide guidance for  the development of the  Forum in Italy. It will help to shape the Forum, to define  the focus areas  and roadmap  of the initiatives for  the calendar year, to identify potential speakers and, more in general, to promote the development of the HR profession in Italy  ensuring contamination with the international world.


Marco Autorino

Marco Autorino
Global Forum Leader

Dario De Gregorio

Dario De Gregorio
People Development & Organization Director at OVS

Francesco De Carli

Francesco De Carli
Head of HR Organization & Processes at Kering

Daniele Piacentini

Daniele Piacentini
Director of Human Resources Department at Gemelli University Hospital

Giampaolo Calcari

Giampaolo Calcari
Former P&G Southern Europe HR Director

Francesco Capasso

Francesco Capasso
Manager of HR Business Partners Fastweb

Ida Sirolli

Ida Sirolli
Head of Education & Communication TIM

Paolo Le Pera

Paolo Le Pera
HR Director Italy at Philip Morris International

Tito Chini

Tito Chini
Head of Reward Europe Nestlè

Luisa Macciocca

Luisa Macciocca
GEMA Business School, Lead HR Professor

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