Internship and Placement


Internship is the crucial period of the Programme because in this phase every single student must effectively face the business environment, essentially test his/her competencies “on the job” and successfully complete the training process.

Every student will be employed (for an internship project of three months) in Italian companies, multinational firms or business consulting agencies.

All the internship opportunities are carefully selected on specific requirements like the company reliability, the training value of the project and its probable conversion in a real working experience at the end of the internship period.

Moreover, GEMA Placement Office will continuously monitor the implementation of the internship project to control and guarantee the proper completion of the training Programme.

GEMA Internship and Placement

Job Services

Career-counseling; Job finding skills & self marketing training

Taking stock of skills. Developing awareness of your own potential and aptitudes. Learning how to write a résumé.

Learning how to interview effectively. Networking. These are some of the fundamental milestones on the path for entry into the corporate world.

Intense mock sessions and personalized counselling interviews stimulate the skills needed to deal effectively with the corporate selection process.


One of the distinctive elements for students in the Master’s programme is the possibility for all participants to use the Placement service that GEMA makes available to them once they will be enrolled.

Upon completing their internships, most students find placement with the company that hosted them.

With the rigorous selection process for admission to the Master’s programme, the programme’s effectiveness, the use of active teaching methods, and the career counselling service, more than 80% of students find work within six months of completing the Master’s programme; before the year is out, almost all do.


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