Global Event Management [GEM]

Global Event Management [GEM]

This program provides students with knowledge and skills on how to plan, manage and develop high-level projects related to the field of big international and global events. The choice of Dubai as one of the two location of the program is due to Expo2020, the great event all the most important world companies and organizations are approaching to.
Organized firstly in Milan and then in Dubai by GEMA in partnership with Companies involved in the organization of Expo2020 and Universities located in Dubai. 10 months of classes, project works and internships targeting Expo 2020.


The program intends to create future professionals for International and Global Events, with particular reference to the WORLD EXPO and the SPECIALIZED EXPO (specific focus on EXPO 2020 in Dubai). The educational contents focus on topics related to Project Management of events, from strategic to operational aspects, including marketing, communication and logistics.

Programme Details

The Global Event, history of EXPO and evolution over the years

  • Strategic and operational management of the event
  • Technique and logistics of an event, choice and management of the location, target
  • ROI of the event, Sponsorship
  • Marketing and promotion of the event


4 months of classes plus 6 months of internship.

Tuition Fee

7.000,00 euro + 22% VAT


Milan and Dubai



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