Strategic Talent Devolpment

Strategic Talent Devolopment

An intensive week of learning and discussion to rethink strategic development of talents and leadership in the era of Digital Transformation. GEMA Business School and the University of Kingston work together to offer the Italian HR professionals a study experience that will revolutionize their way of thinking the Strategic Talent Development. With Janice Caplan, a renowned international expert in talent management, author of authoritative publications, CIPD vice president and GEMA Business School director of London campus, and Jelena Petrovic, Professor and Academic Director of HR programme at Kingston Business School, will give you a deep understanding of innovative approaches to the Strategic Talent Development in the Digital Transformation era.


Our programme is designed to be more than an academic proposition: it includes visits to leading organizations and activities that will take place in the City of London. You will see, feel and learn about living and working in London in a way you can only do through this kind of first-hand experience. You will understand the outlooks, values, lifestyle, and customs of London, gain insights into how Londoners see the world. You will meet HR executives and Senior Managers of leading companies across the UK.

Programme Details

  • From talent acquisition to talent retention in the Digital Age
  • The role of HR as self-empowerment enablers
  • Anticipate change with Learning Agility
  • Leadership and Digital Transformation
  • Liquid Leadership


1 week of workshops, business visits and networking





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