Innovation and Design Thinking

Innovation and Design Thinking

Today innovation is everyone’s business. Whether you are a manager in a global corporation, an entrepreneur starting up, in a government role, or a teacher in a school, everyone is expected to do better with less, trying to see things in a differentway, in order to face and solve all the daily problems and questions. At every level in every kind of organization, design thinking provides the tools you need to become an innovative thinker and uncover creative opportunities that are there, not seeing them yet.


Innovation and Design Thinking provides students with a model to understand and solve complex problems in bold and creative ways. The course focuses on the fundamentals of human-centered design thinking. Students will enhance problem-solving skills through logic, imagination, intuition and systemic reasoning. Through a combination of classroom dialogues, team activities, readings, and the use of multimedia tools, students will build on their ability to be innovative contributors in the workplace. The course concludes with the presentation of a project concept and the opportunity to generate interest and get feedback.

Programme Details

  • What Is Design Thinking?
  • How to Prepare Your Mind for Innovation
  • How to generate new and better ideas
  • How to determine which ideas produce the outcomes we want
  • Project work to be presented


1 week of workshops, business visits and networking.


Rome or Milan



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