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The Master Program in Export and International Business Management is designed and delivered by GEMA Business School and is planned to be level-appropriate, rigorous, highly interactive, practical, with an effective combination of theory/concepts, large/small group discussions, case studies, applied exercises and real-world issues.

Moreover, industry speakers/subject matter will be integrated throughout the program to enrich the learning experience, provide networking opportunities and on-site learning as it relates to the course or educational objectives of the Master Programme.

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The program duration is 4 months in class and 3 to 6 months in internship, depending on companies requirements.

Online Program (420 hours): € 4900.00 + VAT
Placement service and Internship (480 hours): € 3900.00 + VAT
Fees are all payable in installments.

Program Modules:


Organizational models and business strategies

You will understand how world economic policy and macroeconomic choices affect business strategies and consumer behavior. You will analyze the structure and functioning of companies and the evolution of different organizational models. You will understand why there are better companies than others, which is their culture and their organizational model concerning the business context. You will be able to evaluate the possibility of international projection of companies.

Finance & Control

In this module you will acquire the essential skills to plan and strategically control the economic and financial management of a company. You will learn to evaluate the company and protect its assets, to define industrial plans and investment operations on international markets.

Project Management

Through the Project Management Institute® methodology, for which GEMA Business School is a Registered Education Provider (PMI)® you will develop the ability to manage the complete development of a marketing and export plan. You will also acquire the skills to develop the economic dimension of projects and draw up budgeting aspects related to marketing strategies.


International Marketing Evolution

As a first step, you will understand the basic terminology of marketing and you will learn to identify and use the basic elements of the Marketing Mix. Subsequently, you will develop analytical skills by referring to fundamental categories such as market, competition, demand segmentation, the marketing information system, research, SWOT analysis.
You will develop the skill to understand the impact that geographical, cultural, political, economic and social differences have on marketing strategies and actions for several different foreign markets. You’ll also find out how to create a cultural geo map and the basics of cross-cultural management and how to identify the most interesting foreign markets using the concepts of attractiveness and accessibility. Subsequently, you will be able to develop the distribution strategy in the target markets by assessing their financial impact. You will be able to decide between the various ways of entering the target markets: direct and indirect export, commercial branch, the production site and so on.

Product and Brand Management

You will learn how to internationally enhance the value of the brand and how design the business strategy to manage and maintain high the reputation of the product and brand in the digital age. You will also be taught about the fundamentals of brand management such as: Brand Identity, Brand Awareness, Brand Image, Brand Positioning and the value of Customer-based brand equity (CBBE).

International Business Communication

You will fully and comprehensively deal with the fundamental concepts of business communication in an international context according to the strategic approach of integrated communication, deepening the different areas and tools with the help of experts and specialists.

International and Digital Marketing Strategy

You will acquire the skills to understand the dynamics of market innovation processes, focusing on the development of new business models generated by Digital Transformation. You will understand the reference strategies of Digital Marketing: Customer Experience Design, Digital Customer Journey, User Engagement, Lead Generation and funneling techniques aimed at users’ generation and conversion.

SEO and Web Content Marketing

We will provide you with the essential techniques to increase the website’s visibility and the online business, combining theoretical teaching with practical exercises and significant case histories. In particular, the following are in-depth: SEO techniques for positioning products/services on search engines, as well as Content Marketing strategies and techniques are necessary to transform leads into potential customers. We’ll also provide skills to design, build and manage a website through WordPress, the most used CMS in the world.


International Negotiation Techniques

You will learn to conduct a commercial negotiation at an international level by developing the main skills of sales and negotiation: “Intelligence, Strategy, Soft Skills, Process and Psychology”. You will learn how to create and manage “contacts” in international markets. You will be able to adapt your sales approach to different cultural contexts. You will learn how to create, develop and maintain a foreign sales network. Through practical exercises, you will learn how to use the concepts of a cultural map and cross-cultural management already treated in the marketing section.

International Trade Techniques

You’ll learn how to manage the main operational problems related to foreign trade. You’ll also receive the basics that allow you to work on the main types of international contracts (distribution, joint ventures, franchises, etc.). You’ll be able to evaluate and manage the tax and customs implications of export operations (VAT, customs tariffs etc.) and to manage payment terms and product logistics. You’ll also know the main insurance tools to cover the company from country and customer risk and to coordinate all the export operations, from offer to payment, managing the related documentation.


In this module, you will acquire the operational tools that help to effectively manage the countries of interest, and you will understand the geopolitical and geo-economic trends that characterize them:
– Focus Brexit. Consequences and opportunities for Italian companies.
– EU Focus Free Trade Agreement. FTAs in commercial relations development strategy (e.g. Japan, South Korea, Japan, Canada)
– Focus Canada. An emerging market for Italian and EU exports following the recent FTA
– Focus France. It is the second largest export market for Italian companies (10% of total exports) yet not always valued and known as it should be.
– Focus China. The emergence of a huge urban middle class along the coastal regions and some inland regions represents an opportunity for many “Made in Italy” companies.
– Focus Central Europe (Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic). Probably the most successful trio of recent years in Europe (4% of Italian exports). Italian products are generally well accepted even though competition with Germany is very strong.
– Focus USA. Still the third foreign market for Italian companies. We will carefully evaluate prospects and threats for Italian companies considering the new US commercial policy which tends to be more protectionist.

At the micro-level, we will provide you with analytical tools for the commercial management of the territories. In particular, you will be able to use the geo-marketing methodologies: company and market data collection and subsequent creation of geographical maps useful for the commercial management of the territory.


Soft Skills: personal and managerial skills

In this module, you will be stimulated to develop behavioral and relational skills aimed at reaching an effective interaction with the organizational contexts in which you’ll deal with. Interpersonal communication, teamwork, problem solving, leadership, negotiation are some of the skills you’ll develop to increase your managerial behavioral attitudes.

English at work

The course includes individual meetings with a native speaker teacher. Get ready to take part in selection interviews with multinational companies in English!

Microsoft Excel at work

You will acquire the professional skills essential for the effective use of Microsoft Excel: the reference tool for transforming data into information useful for the development of a marketing/export plan. At the end of this course, if you wish, you can take the exam to obtain Microsoft certification.

Seminars and Business Workshops

In order to bring the Master Program as close as possible to the professional scenario, you’ll have the opportunity to follow several prestigious seminars and workshops hosted by export managers, company representative and institutional deputies. This will allow you to deepen monographic topics based on the latest trends.

Project work

You will experience the realization of a specific business project, commissioned by a company based on its real needs, under the supervision of a teacher-facilitator. You will concretely apply the skills learned previously and constructively compare yourself with essential activities such as: working in a team, planning and observing deadlines, professionally presenting your work in front of an audience.


The internship will allow you to continue your preparation starting with experience in a company where you put into practice everything you have learned in classes. Each student is in fact guaranteed to carry out an internship in compliance with current legislation in major national, multinational and consultancy companies.

The internship opportunities are carefully selected to ensure the effectiveness of the training objectives related to the aims of the Master’s program. Over time, the list of partner companies of GEMA Business School is constantly being expanded with new organizations selected for reliability.



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