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The Master Program in International Export Managemert is designed and delivered by GEMA Business School and is planned to be level-appropriate, rigorous, highly interactive, practical, with an effective combination of theory/concepts, large/small group discussions, case studies, applied exercises and real-world issues.

Moreover, industry speakers/subject matter will be integrated throughout the program to enrich the learning experience, provide networking opportunities and on-site learning as it relates to the course or educational objectives of the Master Programme.

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Program Modules:


Presentation of the Master.

Role, functions, skills and attitude of the Export manager.


International marketing

This module aims to develop critical strategic and analytical competences to inspire and guide a company’s development in international markets.

You will be able to:

  • identify the most interesting foreign markets ( attractiveness/accessibility analysis);
  • evaluate their potential and their features ( market analysis);
  • identify risks and obstacles of different nature in dealing with targeted markets ( e.g. economic, cultural, political, legal , technical);
  • elaborate a proper commercial strategy taking into consideration distribution , price, product range, competition ecc.;
  • identify a proper “entry strategy”;
  • evaluate financial impacts of the commercial strategy chosen;
  • coordinate company communication in different international markets.

Techniques of international trade

You will be able to handle the most important technical issues related to foreign trade:

work on international commercial contracts ( e.g. distribution, agency, franchising ,joint venture);

protect company’s intellectual and industrial property rights;

coordinate export operations from the commercial offer to the payment;

assess and handle tax implications of export operations;

manage payments flows and financial risks.

Selling in international markets

You will be able to:

  • find and manage sales contacts;
  • prepare and manage sales calls;
  • adjust your sales style to different cultural and buyer environments;
  • gain commitment from your potential customer;
  • build and manage a sales force and a sales distribution network;
  • use e-commerce and web marketing effectively;
  • use sales “soft skills”.


You will be able to :

  • judge on major geopolitical and geoeconomic trends affecting international trade;
  • indentify the most promising Italian companies, products and services to be promoted in international markets, by a insight of the Italian international trade patterns and trends;
  • elaborate and carry out a sales strategy to enter some of the most promising countries by:
  • gaining a general knowledge of the geopolitical and geoeconomic situation of the targeted countries;
  • evaluating business opportunities;
  • identifying and managing country risks;
  • identifying and overcoming obstacles to trade ( political, economic, logistic, legal, cultural, fiscal, ….).

This module will enable you to gain new insights and fresh perspective on the following countries:

  • The Gulf area: Iran, Qatar, Uae, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Barhain, Oman
  • China
  • North America: Usa and Canada
  • Europe: France and the Visegrad countries ( Czech Rep. , Slovakia, Poland, Hungary)
  • Some emerging “Stars”: South Korea, Egypt, Ethiopia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia

Specialists, Export managers, International executives, Entrepreneurs and Academics will provide the students with practical information to operate in these countries and enrich them with their specialist insight and experience.

Project management

You will able to set up and manage international sales projects

Team building and organizational leadership

You will be able to:

  • set up, manage and lead multicultural teams;
  • to manage time;
  • to communicate in a globalized world;
  • to overcome conflicts in a multicultural environment.

Company organization

You will able to set up and run an Export office.

Export business plan

You will be able to:

  • elaborate an Export business plan;
  • elaborate a financial plan;
  • identify possible financial resources.

Project work

The students, working in teams and coordinated by Gema’s Tutors, will work on an Export project with selected successful Italian based manufacturing and service companies.

The teams will present their Export projects and a Gema’s examining board will evaluate the results of the work done.


Students will spent 12 weeks internship in a successful Italian based manufacturing or service company, selected by Gema following high standard criteria.


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